Saturday morning career clinics in Herbert Place, Dublin 2.
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Turn YourLife Around

Plan Tomorrow’s Success Today

What We Do

Irrespective of what stage you are at in your career we can help resolve any issues or difficulties you are encountering. We work with:

graduates to help them with early career direction

all our candidates in developing striking & winning CVs

more experienced people on all aspects of career planning

professionals who wish to move ahead

anybody who needs to prepare and perform well at job interviews

everybody who needs to find a new job

mature candidates who find age a barrier

How We Work

We work with candidates as career coaches – identifying your real needs, proposing solutions and encouraging success. Over the last 15 years we have developed the tools and methodologies to guarantee the best possible results for you – our Personal & Skills Analysis Exercises coupled with Psychometric Tests & Assessments help in resolving any career obstacles.

As you complete the exercises we review your progress during intensive 1–to–1 coaching meetings. Jointly we arrive at the best solution and work out a plan of action which will deliver your personal target.

Thereafter we continue to consult with you as you put the agreed plan of action into effect – this enables us to monitor your progress and overcome any unexpected barriers.

Please ring now and let us answer your questions.
+353 (0)87 682 0457